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How to order

By only registering at, we will contact you autumatically.
Althoug you are off line, you can reach us with various way, email, fax, and etc.
We will contact you within 24hours!

How to order-Ironon loose products?

We have provided quality loose items to various purposed customers. Quotation can be only email or fax.
At the same time, please find out same products from our worldwide partners.

Please find out and check minimum quantities and packing unit on Iron-on hotfix loose item information page.

How to order-Custom design order process?

1. Inquiry and quotation

  • Please leave a message in board, or email, fax to us, we will contact you within 24 hours.

2. Artwork Illust process

  • We have well skilled designers who have long experiences in this field. We can varify your any formats into motif artwork with re-creating.
  • It will take 1~2 days for this process.

3. Screen Confirm

  • If we finish the artwork re-creat process, we will show you the re-created artwork, optimized motif design by email.

4. Sampling

  • This process is the final step that you can change or correct the materials, colors or sizes before main production. Many case, it can be omiited for customers request.
  • We are using cutting edge machine(such as laser cutting machine or engraving machine), for very complicated artwork as well as an image that require delicacy.
  • As well the cutting machine, we have well skilled teachnicans. We will provide you the best quality products.

5. Production

  • Our minimum order quantity is different from every item.(For more information, please go to minimum order quantity page in this website.) Once we started main production, we can not canceal the order. This process will take 7days, based on 1000sheets and it can be different from design difficulties.

6. Shipment and delivery

  • We have various way and options for quick and exact international shipment. If cutomers have an account No. in widly using forwording comapny, like Fedex, TNT, UPS, DHL, EMS or else , it can be simply shipped and handed over to them.
    If you don't have such an accoutn No., we will provide you various options to be shipped quickly on time with the most competitive price. For more information, please refer to the international shipment system in this website.
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